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We process personal data in accordance with legal regulations concerning the protection of personal data. The same goes for our employees and other people who work with us. The following text contains information on the manner, scope, purpose and time of processing your personal data, their recipients and your related rights. This information is published on the website of our store You can return to it at any time in the future.
1 Handling of personal data
1.1 This information on the processing of personal data of natural persons as a data subject (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer") is issued for the purpose of informing customers or those interested in providing online store "" operated by Crazyhelena sro, with its registered office at U Zvonařky 2536. / 1c, Vinohrady, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic, European Union, IČO: 08473323, entered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague under file no. No. C 319518 (hereinafter referred to as the "Provider").
1.2 Personal data of the Customer who is a natural person is subject to personal data protection in accordance with applicable law, in particular Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation; "GDPR").
1.3 The Provider is the controller of personal data that are processed for the purposes of:
1.3.1 Fulfillment of the Contract and execution of the Order on the Provider's website, incl. implementation of measures taken before the conclusion of the Contract at the request of the data subject. For these purposes, the Provider processes personal data about Customers in the following scope: name, surname, contact addresses, e-mail, or data on the business company and ID number, username and password, as well as address data for delivery of the Goods, ie name, surname and contact address, which the Customer stated as the delivery address of the recipient in the Order (these data will be stated on the sent shipment with the Goods), and information related to the subject of the Contract (eg specification of the Goods, method of its payment, etc.). The legal title for the processing of personal data is the performance of the Contract, while the provision of personal data by the Customer is voluntary and without this provision the purpose of the Contract cannot be realized.
1.3.2 The Provider's legitimate interests, consisting in direct marketing (sending business messages, both physically to the address provided by the Customer within the user account registration process, in the Order or electronically by e-mail). For the purpose of sending business messages physically to the Customer, personal data are processed in the range of: name, surname and address. For the purpose of sending business messages electronically by e-mail, only the Customer's e-mail address is used. If the Customer does not agree with the above processing, he has the right to object to it (see Article 13).
1.3.3 For the purposes of the Provider's legitimate interests consisting in determining, exercising or defending the Provider's legal claims and for the purposes of including the Customer in the Provider's customer records, personal data are processed to the following extent: name, surname, e-mail, or data on the business company and ID number, username and password, address data for delivery of the Goods, and further information related to the subject of the Contract (eg identification of the Goods, method of its payment, etc.). If the Customer does not agree with the above processing, he has the right to file an objection against it (see Article 1.13.1.).
1.3.4 For the purposes of implementing the Provider's marketing campaigns on the basis of the consent of those interested in the Goods with the sending of commercial communications. For this purpose, the Provider processes personal data about those interested in the Goods to the following extent: name, surname, address, e-mail, or data on the business company, including ID number. The person interested in the Goods gives his consent in accordance with the provisions of Section 7, Paragraph 2 of Act No. 480/2004 Coll., On Certain Information Society Services and on Amendments to Certain Acts (Act on Certain Information Society Services), as amended, by sending commercial communications Provider to your email address. In a certain time interval of a maximum of once every 30 days, the Provider is entitled to contact the person interested in the Goods with details of new offers.
1.4 The only source of personal data is directly the Customers or those interested in the Goods.
1.5 The Provider will store personal data for the duration of the Agreement and for a maximum period of 5 years, or longer, if justified in law in the case. The Provider will process personal data on the basis of the granted consent to processing for a maximum period of 2 years from the date of granting the consent.
1.6 The Provider stores, processes and maintains contact lists, recipient addresses and other data related to the user account for the purpose of providing the Services. The Provider may contact the Customer through contact information, which in order to assist, process or close the Order or in the event of any other issues related to the Services. If the Customer sends an e-mail or other communication, the Provider may also process this communication in order to process the Customer's inquiries, respond to his requests and improve the quality of the Services.
1.7 The Customer acknowledges that all personal data may be processed by the Provider using computer technology, ie automatically.
1.8 If the Customer requests information about the processing of his personal data, the Provider is obliged to provide this information. The Provider has the right to demand a reasonable payment for the provision of information according to the previous sentence, not exceeding the costs necessary for the provision of information.
1.9 The Provider is entitled to update this privacy statement from time to time to reflect feedback from Customers. The Provider recommends that Customers regularly verify the information provided in this statement in order to inform them how the Provider protects personal data.
1.10 The Customer acknowledges that he is obliged to state his personal data (during registration, in his user account, during the Order made from the web interface of the store) correctly and truthfully and that he is obliged to inform the Provider of the change in his personal data without undue delay.
1.11 The Provider may authorize a third party to process the Customer's personal data as a processor, such as postal carriers, persons providing accounting, tax and legal services, the Provider's employees, information society service providers (especially IT system suppliers, Meta / Google / Apple marketing systems, etc. .), or other providers of processing software, services and applications, which, however, are not currently used by the Provider.
1.12 Personal data will be processed in electronic form in an automated manner or in printed form in a non-automated manner in person by the Provider or its authorized persons and further through the processor on the basis of a personal data processing contract. The current list of processors will be listed on the Provider's website, as of the date of these Business Terms and Conditions, the Provider has not authorized any processors to process personal data. Personal data may be disclosed to third parties only if they are authorized to do so by law. Personal data will not be passed on to other entities. Personal data will be processed and stored / stored in a secure manner (passwords, secure storage, secure physical storage location, accurate overview of persons having access to personal data).
1.13 Under the conditions set by the GDPR, the customer has the right to access their personal data, the right to correct or delete them, or to restrict their processing, as well as the right to the portability of data.
1.13.1 The Customer has the right to object to the processing of personal data for the purposes of the Provider's legitimate interests, including direct marketing. In the event that there are no serious legitimate reasons for processing that outweigh the interests or rights and freedoms of the Customer, or for determining, exercising or defending legal claims, the Provider will terminate the processing of personal data for these purposes on the basis of the Customer's objection.
1.13.2 The data subject is entitled to revoke the consent to the sending of commercial messages at any time free of charge by sending a message "Do not send commercial messages" or similar to e-mail: or in writing to the Provider's address.
2 Cookies
2.1 What are cookies?
2.1.1 Cookies are small text files stored on your computer. It is saved by a web browser at the request of the individual websites you are browsing. Websites can retrieve the contents of the file. According to him, they will know which pages you have visited before, whether you have something in your cart or whether you are logged in. Cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of most websites on the Internet.
2.2 What types of files do we use
2.2.1 You can view cookies on our website by validity period or by purpose.
2.3 Validity:
2.3.1 short-term cookies - valid for the duration of your visit and expire a few minutes after leaving the pages of our website. They help the basic functions of our website.
2.3.2 long-term cookies - valid for several days to months. They make it easier to set up our website and, when you return, they help you to log in or to be reminded of the offer of our website in the advertising space of other websites.
2.4 Purpose:
2.4.1 Technical cookies. Technical cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website and all the functions it offers. These files ensure that the products are stored in the cart, display the list of favorite products, the filters work properly, or log in. Without these cookies, the website will not work properly and by default they are enabled and cannot be disabled. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information verifiable information.
2.4.2 Marketing cookies are divided into three subtypes. These are analytical cookies, personalized cookies and advertising cookies. These cookies help us optimize the offer for customers and address them in advertising spaces on other websites. These cookies are subject to your consent. If you do not give your consent, you can still visit and shop our website. However, you will not be able to view product videos placed on individual products without your consent to marketing cookies.
2.4.3 Analytical cookies. Analytical cookies allow us to measure the performance of our website and our advertising campaigns. They are used to determine the number of visits and sources of visits to our website. We process the data obtained through these cookies in a summary manner, without the use of identifiers that point to specific users of our website. If you turn off the use of analytical cookies in your browser, we lose the ability to analyze the performance and subsequent optimization of our website.
2.4.4 Personalized cookies. We use personalized cookies to adapt our store to the needs and interests of our customers and thus prepare a better shopping experience for you. Thanks to personalized cookies, we can tailor the offer to you directly. Thanks to the use of personalized cookies, you will avoid inappropriate product recommendations or useless special offers.
2.4.5 Advertising cookies. Advertising cookies are used by us or our partners so that we can display suitable content or advertisements both on our website and on the websites of third parties. Based on this information, it is usually not possible to immediately identify you, because only anonymized data is used. If you do not agree, you will not receive content and ads tailored to your interests and needs.
2.5 Cookie settings
2.5.1 You can set cookies in your browser
2.6 To whom we pass cookies
2.6.1 Cookies are used, among other things, to tailor advertisements to your interests, both on and off this site. To this end, we allow cookies to be stored by third parties who may use them to collect information about your behavior on our website or to display personalized offers and targeted advertisements on websites other than our website.
2.6.2 In the event that you want to play the product video, which is placed in the product description, your cookies are obtained by the operator of the platform on which the product video is located. This is subject to your consent; therefore, if you do not consent to the marketing cookies, you will not be able to view the product video.
2.7 Cookie processing time
2.7.1 Processing time of individual types of cookies, resp. their expiration varies and changes over time. You can find it in your browser settings.