Get your SpacePoints on Misterspace!

SpacePoint is a bonus point system where loyalty is rewarded. With each order, SpacePoints are credited, which can be redeemed on future orders.

Acquisition of SpacePoints:

The award is calculated on the purchase. For each purchase worth one Euro, 27 SpacePoints will be awarded. The equivalent value is 15% of the total. For shipping costs or further fees, no points will be awarded. How many points you receive, you see directly at the product and also before order completion.

When do I get my SpacePoints?

Due to the European right of withdrawal of 14 days, the SpacePoints will be credited within 14 days. For returned goods, the points are deducted - or not released.

How do I use the SpacePoints?

You will see the current status of the SpacePoints in the customer account. These can be redeemed directly in the shopping cart under the products. Pay attention: If there are no SpacePoints, nothing will be displayed there!

We are an international company and offer four different currencies. Due to the currencies, SpacePoints may be also in between 0 and 1, eg. 217,02 credits. All credits below 1 cannot be redeemed.

Important note: There must always be 1 SpacePoint in your customer account. You have 540 SpacePoint - so you can redeem 539.

We wish you a lot of fun collecting the SpacePoints