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Dear customer! Due to the current general situation and the resulting government regulations to combat the Covid 19 pandemic, there are delays in processing the current order and delivery.

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Masturbators have been on the market for a long time and have become very popular, mainly for your discretion and authentic experience. With a masturbator you can experience anal, oral or vaginal sex

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Chastity belts for men are used to control the erection of the partner. It is used to lock the penis in order to prevent erections or prevent the partner from masturbating. The chastity belt is

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Masturbators exist in three basic variants, namely in the form of a butt, mouth or vagina. The materials are usually very fine and similar to human skin e.g.TPR. The inner texture should irritate the

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Erection rings serve for a long and firm erection and also prevent premature ejaculation. The silicone or rubber rings are attached on the already erect penis, but we recommend putting them on before
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