Fireman Doll

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Put out the fires of your most passionate and erotic fantasies with the Fireman Love Doll. The fully portable, inflatable doll is designed for ultimate fantasy to role-play fun and is always ready for red-hot love action, whenever you are in the mood. The life-like playmate will fan the flames of your exotic desire and will satisfy your pleasure.

The love doll is made from unscented, soft and supple, PVC and has a 3D mannequin face and a 12?/ 30 cm penis. Your sensual hero comes with a removable fire coat and hat for a realistic role-play experience. Enjoy experimental self-gratification adventures with the playmate that is made for your never-ending orgasmic climax delight.

The beefy man is the ideal companion for thefirst time and experienced users who want to indulge in imaginative, sensual play. To put out the erotic fire in your imagination all you have to do is bring your hero to life. A universal hand pump will get your lover ready for seduction action. To pump up your love pump, remove the uniform and explore tantalizing and teasing penis play. For increased sensitivity and extended pleasure always use a quality lube with this inflatable toy. Clean the doll before and after every use, with mild soapy water or a toy cleaner spray.

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